Low cost assembly labor:  








  Skilled Assembler - $.50 Hour
  Electrical/Test Engineer - $9,000.00 Year
  Machine Tech @ 1.00 Hour
Lower material costs:
Magnetics 20-25% less than in the U.S.
  PCB’s 25-30% less
  Sheet metal 10-15% less
  Plastic injection molding (15%) and tooling (35%) less, Passives 15% less
  Cable assemblies 20% less

All prices quoted C.I.F. customer facility – IMS includes in its quoted pricing all freight charges, insurance, customs, duties and the associated documentation.
Highest Quality – ISO9001-2000, ISO14000, TS16949 and ISO13485
  FDA Registered @ Listed
  Class 7 Clean Room
  SFDA Class II Medical Device Production License
U.S. Program Management & Credit Terms
International purchasing – Far East, U.S. and Europe
IMS excels at transitioning domestic electronic
assembly to our offshore facilities.
Improved supply chain assisted by better information integration, planning synchronization and workflow coordination